Flow Pants - Brown Spiral

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+ Comfortable and sturdy, hand made, and fair trade!
+ Gender neutral design for both masc and fem bodies!

+ Elastic waist band and draw string

+ High quality 100% cotton fabric

+ 6 pockets! Two hand pockets at waist, two inner zipper pockets on side leg, and two outer velcro cargo pockets!

+ Elastic gather around the ankle

    Waist 30-34 Inches
    Leg Length 40 inches 
Smalls can easily size smaller thanks to the draw string waist band!

    Waist 34-38 inches (can stretch to 40 inches)
    Leg Length 42 inches

All of our shipping envelopes for standard shipping are post consumer recycled and reusable!
 Just another step we take to assure our companies highest morals are met!

Washing instructions: Wash with other soft fabrics, low to medium heat. Dry low to medium heat.
You may experience slight shrinking on the first wash at higher heats.