Our favorite events and venues to visit in Arizona!

Our favorite events and venues to visit in Arizona!
Most of our customers ask us where they can go to find the best events in town! 
Well, we've gotten tired of waiting for someone to create an all inclusive list so we're taking it upon ourselves!  Below you will find information on all of our favorite events, venues, and production companies in Arizona!
1.   The first spot that we highly recommend is
The Walter crew are the original Burners!  They host one of the largest camps at Burning Man, they have some of the coolest art cars on the playa, and for most of the year all that amazing art work is housed in their warehouse in downtown Phoenix, so why not open it up as a venue!?  They have events almost every weekend fall through spring.  During the summer months they close the warehouse because of the heat and to prep for Burning Man, but no worries, they have another club now, Walter Studios!  That's right, 2 amazing venues from one incredible team!  Walter Studios provides entertainment year round =)
What we love most about the Walter team is that they are VERY community focused and supportive. Their team is comprised entirely of local artists and they actively engage with other local artists in the valley as well.
Check them out here:
2.   The next recommendation we have is for everyone is:
This event is our all time favorite and they just scheduled the next one for December 2nd!  It's the closest I've ever seen to Phoenix events rivaling LA events!  They have tons of amazing vendors, heaps of local art, multiple stages with amazing music, a whole fire dancing circle!  It's the best!!!
3.  For smaller community events there are a few different production companies you can look at which do good smaller events at local venues:
For hifi sounds and quality bass
Great Tucson Resource
This venue, Club Endgame, is a favorite for many event companies! There's always something fun happening here.
Phoenix-based Rave and Festival curated for and celebrating Black and POC experience. Allies welcome.

We will Continue adding to this smaller productions list as we remember them, There are a lot of good ones!
4. We can't go without mentioning out favorite camping events!  In the effort of not making this post any longer I will quick fire them, but know that these are BY FAR our favorite way to festival, and we only mention the ones we really LOVE!
The biggest and best in the state!
The best forest fest we've got.  It's a great time guaranteed!
This is technically in New Mexico, but it's AMAZING and it's still within a days drive of Phoenix.  And it's on a river!
If you're a flow artist than this is your new home away from home!  Bring your fire props, jump into some workshops, and have a ball!
If you aren't a member yet, join the AZ Rave Family Facebook page.  It's the best place to find community, hear about events, and post about all the fun you're having!
Look here for our interactive calendar of events!