Warranty Information

Clothing Warranty:

All of my pieces are made with care and quality precision. However, sometimes things still go wrong. That's why all my pieces carry a lifetime warranty!

The lifetime warranty covers any and all defects: lost buttons, grommets that fall out, seams coming undone, etc.

The warranty does not cover damage from wear: rips, tears, stains, fraying, etc.
If you have a problem with one of the pieces you ordered, please contact me, let me know what's happened and if it's not a simple fix I can talk you through, you can mail it back to me to be repaired or replaced.

With that said:
I pride myself in my quality work but these are all hand made pieces. If for some reason there are a few small threads or other mild imperfections to the piece I hope that you appreciate those as the mark of a hand made item. If I missed a thread, all it needs is a snip with scissors, not a long conversation with me. If for some reason the imperfections are obvious and unacceptable please let me know immediately so I can correct the problem!

When placing your order please include any information or measurements that are asked for in the product description on the 'notes' when you order to help expedite the making process. The less time we spend messaging each other trying to get all the info together the sooner I can have the product made and shipped to you!

If you do not provide the details I ask for on the product listing so that I can complete your order, and you do not respond to my requests for that information after a period of 7 days and after I've tried reaching out to you at least 2 times within that period, I will refund your order.
Please be sure you are able to keep open communication with me after placing your custom order through our contact form  =)

Please remember that these are hand made pieces made to order. I do not typically have these pieces already made, and though I am typically very punctual with my deliveries, sometimes my life gets busy, or many orders come in all at once and I may take a little longer to get to your order than usual. I appreciate your understanding and patience and I will do my best to communicate with you if this happens.

Washing instructions:
Most of my pieces are very unique and made with unique fabrics. Unless otherwise mentioned, you should always assume that my pieces should be hand washed in cold water or run separately through the delicate cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. All items should be air dried or run in the drier alone on the tumble setting with no heat. If you'd like specific directions for washing please feel free to ask me!
Color bleeding, tearing, or fraying that happens while washing any of my pieces will not be covered under the warranty unless you are able to provide proof that you followed the washing instructions above.



Flow Toys, Glow Toys, and Fire Props

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