Soft Poi - Yellow Daisy
Soft Poi - Yellow Daisy
Soft Poi - Yellow Daisy

Soft Poi - Yellow Daisy

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+ Quality set of practice poi

+ Industrial serged seams with reenforced straight stitch finger loops

+ Quality 100% Cotton fabric

+ Color: Yellow Daisy

+ 1/4 cup finch bird seed filling in each poi for soft, environmentally friendly play

+ Weight: 3.5oz each poi

+ 24 inches long from end to end

+ 2 inch single finger loops

+ Wholesale pricing available for 10+ sets (contact to place order)

All of our shipping envelopes for standard shipping are now post consumer recycled and reusable!
 Just another step we take to assure our companies highest morals are met!

Washing instructions:
Don't wash! If they get wet immediately put them in the sun or in the oven on the lowest setting until they dry to keep the bird seed from sprouting!
If using the oven keep a very close eye on them to make sure they don't burn!

Why use bird seed:
While we never intend to break our toys and these toys are made very well, bursts or tears are always a possibility. Bird seed is the most eco-friendly filling available, it won't harm the environment and it won't harm any animals that choose to eat it.